5 Myths About Video Blogging

There are a lot of myths out there about using video as a communication tool on your blog. Most are based on old beliefs that are no longer issues today. Whatever the basis is for the myths, they are just that… Myths. Take a look below and you’ll quickly realize that video blogging is easy and not expensive at all. You might even have fun and increase your audience.

The 5 Myths:

  1. It hard – No it isn’t. Video blogging can be as simple as firing up your webcam and talking about whatever you want. Some of the top video bloggers started out using their webcam.Video blogging is only as hard as you decide to make it.
  2. Video editing software is expensive - Wrong! If you have a computer, chances are you already have free video editing software installed. If you don’t. Good video editing software costs less than $100.
  3. Posting videos takes too long – What if I told you I can shoot, edit and post a video to my blog in less than 2 hours. And, depending on the type of video it can take even less time. Most bloggers find that videos are a quick way to post their thoughts and ideas on their blogs.
  4. You need an expensive video camera – Incorrect!  If you have a digital point and shoot camera, chances are it shoots great video. Almost all of todays modern cameras shoot HD Video and they aren’t that expensive. You can even buy blogging specific cameras now for a couple hundred bucks. Even the camcorder you already have will do the trick.
  5. Search engines don’t like video blog posts – If you write a good description on your blog above or below your video you will still get indexed by search engines. But, if you just post a video to your blog without any text, the search engines won’t know what the page is about.The added bonus is when you post your video on YouTube and write a good description and key words. Your video might rank very high on Google (Google owns YouTube).  Did you know YouTube is number 2 in online searches behind Google? Visitors to your site from YouTube view more pages and stay on your site much longer than visitors from search engines.


  1. Josh Rimer says:

    So true – those are definitely 5 myths that I hear a lot of people talk about, and maybe at one time there was some validity to them, but certainly not anymore!