Video Comparison – 5 Different Camera Types

What type of video camera should you get to make your own video posts? That’s a tough decision if you don’t know the quality that each of the camera types produce.

In the video below, You will see what the video quality looks like from the different types of cameras that are available.

Here is a list of what I used and my thoughts on each set up:

  • MacBook built in camera – Video and audio quality suck for video blogging.
  • iPhone 3GS – Video and audio also suck! Not as much as the MacBook, but still sucky enough to not be considered good for ¬†video blogging. I have seen video from the iPhone 4 and it does look much better, but, unfortunately I don’t own one. Still, your phone should be your very last choice for your video blog.
  • Zoom Q3HD – Video quality is ok, but the audio quality is excellent. The Q3HD fails in low light and has a very low bit rate causing lower then expected video quality. You can see what I mean in this comparison. This camera is a decent option for someone on a limited budget who wants to start video blogging, but there are much better options for about the same price. Another important thing to consider, this camera does not have an optical zoom. Only digital zoom. Do not use digital zoom if you can avoid it! All it does is crop the video causing blocky and pixelated images.
  • Canon SD1400IS – Good video quality (even in low light). Audio quality is ok. This camera has a real zoom lens and allows you to frame your subject easily. It does not have a flip out, and tilting LCD screen though. Pair this camera with an audio recorder like a ¬†Zoom H1 and you are well on your way to producing excellent quality video posts for your site.
  • Canon 7D – Excellent quality video and decent audio quality. This is the biggest and most expensive option of all the cameras. If you are shooting only indoors and with a tripod and you want the best possible quality, this your camera. Attach a lavalier mic (like the Audio-Technica ATR-3350) to this camera and you will have fantastic video and good audio for your blog posts. Note: The lavalier mic only records in mono. You will only have audio on the left audio channel when editing. To solve this, just output your videos in mono and you will have sound from both speakers.

Check out the video below. See and hear the difference between all the video recording options.