Shooting Video Blog Posts Made Easier by using a Camcorder

Shooting your videos for your blog should be made as easy as possible. The easier it is to shoot the videos, the faster you can edit and then post them on your blog.

When I started this blog I was using a P&S camera and a DSLR that shot HD video for my blog posts. I thought they were pretty good for what I was doing. But, that was until a friend lent me their Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG20 camera. Even this inexpensive video camera made shooting my posts much quicker.

How did it do that? The answer is simple. It had a combination of features that made the video recording process much quicker. First it shot HD video at decent bitrate. Giving me good quality video to work with. Second, it had a lens that could zoom in and out and focus. No need for lousy digital zoom and manually focusing. it had a flip out LCD screen. This allowed me to be able to see myself whenI was in front of the camera. Just those 3 features alone sped up the video making process tremendously.

I immediately decided to buy myself a “real” camcorder. I ended up buying a Canon HF M300. It has all of the features above with a few added bonuses. The first bonus was it had even a higher bitrate than the Sanyo. Second, it came with a remote control. This was great for when I was front of the camera, I could start/stop recording and zoom in and out without having to move. Finally, It had an audio/mic input so I could plug in my lav mic and get great audio.

You work hard on your videos and your blog. No need to make it any harder.

What camera(s) do you use? And, do you think you would benefit from using a camcorder?

If you want to see more on the Canon HF M300 there is a review on my other site:

YouTube video link:

Sony Bloggie Touch Finally Gets Mac Software

For all you Mac and Sony Bloggie Touch users out there. Sony has announced software for the Mac. It’s time to celebrate. Break out the Champagne and noise makers!

Seriously, The software looks pretty cool and makes sharing your photos and videos easy. No more dragging your files from the camera onto your Mac using Finder. There’s even a video from Sony below:

The software is now available from Sony’s website.

Do you have a Bloggie and a Mac? What do you think of the new software?

[source: Engadget]

The 3 Second Rule

The 3 second rule I’m talking about is not the one regarding food being dropped on the floor and picking it up within a certain amount of time and being able to eat it

This “3 Second Rule,” is for video bloggers.

When you’re about to start recording your video post, make sure you count to 3 in your head while looking at the camera before you start talking. When you’re finished saying what you wanted to say, keep looking at the camera while you count, in your head, to 3.

When you do this, you give yourself a 3 second buffer when editing your video. You will be able to add transitions to your video without any issues. I know, in my previous videos I didn’t count to 3 and you can see me moving when my videos fade to black. Don’t make the same mistakes I did.

The video below shows the 3 second rule clearly.


LED Video Blogging Light Set-up

I found this 5 Watt LED flood light in the hardware store and bought a clamp on lamp to go with it. It cost less than $50 CDN and make a great light for my indoor video blog posts.

Check out the video below


Choosing Your Location

When you shoot your video blog posts, do you think about where you’re going to shoot? You don’t? Why not?

Choosing your background says a lot about you. When You shoot your video blog posts, are you inside in front of a plain background? If you are… STOP!

Do something creative! Go outside! Pick an interesting background! Do anything other than sitting up against a blank wall.

For your next video blog post, your assignment is to pick a background that is appropriate to your topic. Now, go… do something creative. And, have fun!

Check out the video below to see what I mean.